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Starters or Wee Bites


Child's Portion of Freshly Prepared Soup £2.50


Cheese and Fruit Plate £3.50


Main Courses


Homemade Fish Pie with Green Vegetables £4.50


Wee Fish and Chips £5.00


Sausages, Mashed Potatoes and Beans £4.50


Homemade Pizza and Chips with Salad £4.50


Macaroni and Cheese with Chips £4.50




Ice Cream - Chocolate, Strawberry or Vanilla £2.90


Milkshake - Chocolate, Strawberry or Vanilla £2.50


Fruit Salad £2.00




A glass of Milk, Orange Squash or Blackcurrant Squash is included in the children's meal price.

Orange or Apple Juice £.80


We are also happy to make smaller and plainer versions of starters, mains and desserts from our main menu, wherever possible